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January 2007 Volume 2, No. 1

Should you or should you not counter balance your putter?

Counter balancing has become common on the PGA tours. Why? Because it works. So exactly how does it work? It is actually quite simple. Golf clubs are all about balance. That’s what swing weight is. If a golf club does not feel like it has a good swinging balance (swing weight) then the golfer will not deliver the club to the ball square. Consequently, the ball will be mis-hit.

Counter balancing is also defined as “Motion Balancing”. Balance-Certified Golf has perfected a patent pending system that fits into the grip end of every club. Their Pro-Balance Drop-In Weights makes the process seamless with the club and requires only two minutes to install. The putter fitting system has 6 fitting weights, a fitting chart and only requires about 15 minutes of time to fit any golfer’s putter.

Whether it is a full swing or a putt the same principle holds true. In this issue we are addressing how to find the right counter balance weight for your putter and show you how simple it is to install a Pro-Balance Drop-In Weight for better putting performance.

The features and benefits of using Pro-Balance Drop-In Weights in your putter as stated by Balance-Certified Golf are:

1. Prevents Wrist Breakdown
2. Improves consistency of stroke mechanics
3. Promotes pendulum swing
4. Improves distance consistency
5. Produces more center hits for greater accuracy

Lets take a look at the fitting process. Using the Balance-Certified fitting form hit 3 putts with your putter and record the results. Repeat this process after attaching each of the weights (#3, #9, #4, #11 and #7) in that order. The right weight for you can be determined by comparing the most consistent results of direction and distance from the test putts.

To install the Pro-Balance Drop-In Weight follow these simple directions:

1. Select the number of the weight that produced the most consistent results from the putting test.

2. Cut a hole in the end of the grip cap using the cutting tool.

3. Install the Drop-In Weight into the shaft.

4. Lock the weight in place using the Allen wrench.

Pro-Balance Drop-In Weights conform to the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf.

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